Ships Crews Placement Services

We specialize in supplying Officers & Crew for Bulk Carriers, General Cargo, Tankers, LPG, LNG, Chemical Tankers, Ro-Ro, Passenger, Tugs, Crew Boats and also for Offshore & Onshore requirements. We maintain a string data base of qualified and experienced personnel who are pursuing a successful career in the industry. Not only do we have access to the most qualified and experienced candidates but make our agency a most resourceful way to recruit professionals, considering the advertising costs and inordinate time spent on direct recruitment.

We bridge the gap between the employers and employees by valuably assisting the recruiters to meet the key aspects of productivity, efficiency and revenue generation. Empowered with the rich database, we fully understand the job's expectation, in order to engage the current generation of candidates. Our recruitment operations are arranged into industry specific business units and we employ dedicated marine employment teams with specialist marine knowledge. We are in a position of supplying the required Officers & Crew at a very short notice, be it for an individual or bulk requirement.

We provide following

Deck Department

  • Captain/Master
  • Chief Officer/Chief Mate
  • Second Officer/Second Mate
  • Third Officer/Third Mate
  • Deck Cadet
  • Bosun
  • Able Seaman
  • Ordinary Seaman

Engineering Department

  • Chief Engineer
  • Second Engineer/First Assistant Engineer
  • Third Engineer/Second Assistant Engineer
  • Fourth Engineer/Third Assistant Engineer
  • Engineering Cadet/Trainee Marine Engineer
  • Qualified Member of the Engine Department
  • Pumpman
  • Oiler/Motormen/Firemen
  • Wiper

Steward's department

  • Chief Cook
  • Assistant Cook
  • Steward's Assistant

Our Marine Employment Division has a proven track record of supplying professional and able workforce, from the junior most to the top executive level. Our marine employment services offer a flexible human resource solution to facilitate the peaks and troughs in demand for marine personnel’s. We are specialize team in delivery voyages and has a good reputation in this industry.

Ship Turnkey

We also supply specialized repair team for all kinds of fabrications repairs and erections, besides undertaking turnkey projects erection testing, and commissioning jobs. Seaswan Shipping has built up a comprehensive knowledge in effectively managing and executing turn key projects.

Seaswan Shipping can manage your project from start to finish including close follow up with suppliers and clients, on time update of agreed milestones, licenses etc.Every project is tailor made specific to each client’s requirements.

Ship Repair-Laid up vessel reactivation/Conversion

We aim to provide quality repair, research, consultancy, and information to our client in the marine sector by offering reliable, prompt and cost effective services. Especially at times of low demand for ocean freight and depressed rates, laying-up vessels makes sense.

During a regional or global recession, scrap prices drop and, over a period of time, significant financial benefits can be gained by laying-up a vessel instead of scrapping it. But for vessels returning to active service from lay-up, a Reactivation plan is required. Its primary objective is to verify that the vessel is in conformance with the applicable Rules and requirements. Owners/managers should take Hull & Outfit, Machinery, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, Trials, and Documentation & Certification items into consideration to complete the whole process.

Within the frame of our experienced feedback approach, we therefore take the opportunity to introduce our clients to the management of this sensitive topic. The “Vessels reactivation after layup” Risk Focus note outlines the precautions and procedures suggested to re-commission a vessel. To receive this document or to obtain additional information, please feel free to contact the Seaswan Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.

Safe-Green Recycling at ALANG

We Seaswan Shipping Services have recently started with safe green recycling process under HK convention in Alang. Under this we dismantle major machineries on board a ship keeping in to mind environmental safety.

Supply of Reusable & New ship engine parts from Asia's no.1 ship breaking yard Alang

Seaswan Shipping Services has been successfully developed as one of the leading supplier in the field of ship Engine’s spare parts and marine machinery equipment.

With our years of experience we have established strong buying power and an extensive supplier network. By expanding our network of global service hubs, we are able to shorten our response time. Our service goes beyond fast part delivery.

Our policy is to put the client first by delivering top quality parts and materials at the Best speed, Best Price and Best Quality. With utmost efforts we have made and will make to our best customers, we promise to keep and develop good business relationship continuously.

All Ship Inspection

We provide services to optimize Asset Integrity and Maintain Compliance

Ship owners must protect the value of their maritime assets. Seaswan Shipping helps clients to minimize business interruption by managing their operational, security and catastrophic risks. We work closely with clients, tailoring project management services that promote efficiencies and follow applicable International Safety Management, Code requirements and guidelines, related industry standards and international regulations.

We perform surveys and inspections to help clients maintain asset integrity and protect their employees and the public. Whether for a new build or existing vessel, our survey and inspection services can provide valuable condition details.

As part of our report, we prepare an executive summary with an extensive photographic record and relevant vessel drawing. Shipboard Surveying Services For maritime clients selling or purchasing maritime assets, shipboard surveys provide valuable information as to a vessel’s condition. Often performed on short notice, a shipboard survey is crucial to evaluate the condition of the ship and its associated machinery.


Our services include:

  • General condition survey
  • Pre-purchase condition survey
  • On-hire and off-hire charterer condition survey
  • Protection and indemnity condition survey
  • Damage survey
  • Inclining experiment
  • Worldwide survey coverage on all sizes and types of vessels

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